Assessment of water quality and trace metals in sediment of Southern Marshes


Water quality surveys were designed and implemented during Dec.2011 to Feb. 2012 at three stations, in the Hor Al-Gebaysh, Al-Bourgah and Harer. Physical and chemical stressors including the natural water quality parameters, dissolved oxygen (DO), temperature, salinity and pH as well as nutrients were studied. The mean ranges of the following parameters were recorded: In Hammar Low value of salinity was 1.24 ppt in spring and higher was 2.11ppt in summer. Al-Bargah low value was 1.41ppt in winter and higher 2.01ppt in summer, while The lower value recorded in Al-Gebayesh was 1.12 ppt in winter but higher value was 1.98 ppt in Autum Air temperature in Al-Gebayesh the range was from 14.82- 36.08°C. Dissolved oxygen concentrations have generally been high. Determination of heavy metals (Pb , Cu and Ni) in three locations Al-Gebaysh, Al-Bourgah and Harer. The result showed that the Al-Bourgah and Harer as the most contaminated site with heavy metal. Levels of Ni in sediment ranged was 112 μg/g d.w in winter 2012,The levels of Pb higher was 41.61 μg/g d.w in Harer and lower 25.23 μg/g d.w in Al-Gebaysh, while Cu metal was 10.21 μg/g d.w in winter in Al-Bourgah to 19.12 μg/g d.w in Harer in summer