Effect of pop com flour replace for wheat flour on bread quality and Nutritive properties of bread


Corn (Zea mayz) is one of cereal crops which widely scatter all round the world. As the Corn milled and baked either alone or blended with wheat flour in different ratios (different conc.)for baking bread ,cookies and pastries .Pop corn (Zea mayz verta) a species of corn , which is usually eaten as a snack and can be milled and used for baking bread and cookies . Recently it has been found that pop corn is rich in antioxidants. Results from HPLC ( High Performance Liquid Chromatography ) show that pop corn flour contain polyphenols such as carotenoids ,propyl gallate ,rosmarinic acid in limited concentrations. While carnosicacid ,carnosol ,ascorbic acid and catechin were found in such conc. which is higher than in wheat flour . Pup loaf was processed by using pop corn flour replaced in conc. 5,10 and 15 % of wheat flour in bread. The result also showed that there is an increase in antioxidant content as the level of pop corn flour replacement was increased although the antioxidants could be affected with high baking temp. However, farinogram characteristics showed decreased in water absorption as the corn flour displacement was increased. In addition development time and stability curve showed slight increase with all types of blends. The sensory evaluation of different treatments of loaf showed less acceptability for the blend flour in comparison with the control. As the corn flour is not suitable in bread making if it used alone, most of sensory characters were affected negatively. However, it can be suggested that 10% of pop corn replacement is acceptable by the consumer.