Local Class White. Allium cepa L. The effect of organic fertilizer in the growth and holds a green onions


To study the response of green onion crop for some kinds of organicfertilizers field experiment was conducted in the vegetable field of theDepartment of Plant Production in Agricultural Technical College / Mosul inRashidiya during 2012 -2013 season where the onion bulblets ( Cv. WhiteLocal ) planted in 14 th. Oct. 2012 in boards on lines dimensions of 40 cm andthe distance between plants 20 cm and the experiment included six treatments(chemical fertilizer 65 kg / D urea + 65 kg / D. superphosphate + 50 kg / D.potassium Sulphate and poultry manure at rate of 15 cubic meters / D. andsheep manure at rate 20 cubic meters / D. and three treatments of manufacturepoultry manure (Italpollina) at 20, 30 and 40 kg / 100 m2 and carried out in asimple experiment in the Randomized Complete Block design with fivereplicates The results showed superiority of manufacture poultry manure addedat rate of 40 kg / 100 m2 In some vegetative growth characters (leaves numberper plant 27.62 , leaves fresh weight 93.23 gr. , leaves dry weight 11.53 gr.)and In some yield characters ( yield per plant 338.61 gr. and total yield 12697kg / D. and the average weight of the bulb 86.42 gr. and the average diameter ofbulb 3.82 cm. )