A Framework to Identify Information Technology Solutions that Support Knowledge Management for E-Governance


This research presented a framework to identify Information Technology (IT) solutions that support knowledge management (KM) for e-Governance by implementing SWOT (Strengths,Weaknesses,Opportunities,Threats) analysis tools via PEST(Political , Economy, Social ,Technological) factors. Analysis results have been classified for each type of knowledge based on Nonaka model. The critical successful factors for e-Governance initiatives and the expected benefits of SWOT tools with IT solution to manage knowledge have been discussed . A case study discuss success, scalable, flexible and feasible technologies that enough to meet the demands of IT infrastructure in governmental agencies. Various factors that influence KM and IT infrastructure were identified. Opportunities Strategic Model and Threats Strategic Model for KM with PEST factors identified IT Solutions strategic Model for KM which enhance knowledge management for e-Governance. This study presents a mix of several information technologies and create appropriate organizational environment for knowledge sharing in order to develop an effective knowledge management system .