Using the Fly Ash to Reduce the Steel Corrosion in Lightweight Concrete


The aim goal of this research was to study the effect of using the fly ash to reduce the steel corrosion in lightweight concrete. The test which adopted was compressive strength test, Rapid chloride permeability test and electrochemical parameters test. In the compressive strength test found that adding the fly ash to concrete with change the water-cement ratio to product the same value of workability this addition lead to reduce the compressive strength test with increased the fly ash ratio, the compressive strength value was (31MPa to 44 MPa) and this value is above the (30 MPA) which recommended to use it in construction. In the Rapid chloride permeability test found with increasing the fly ash ratio the permeability became lower. In the electrochemical parameters test found that increasing the fly ash ratio lead to increase the parameters which increased the steel protection from the corrosion in lightweight concrete.