Punching Shear Failure Characteristics Of Flat Slabs Using Reactive And Modified Powder Concrete With Steel Fibers


This work is devoted to study the mechanical properties of reactive powder concrete(RPC) and modified reactive powder concrete (MRPC) as a material as well as studying the punching shear behavior of RPC and MRPC slabs. The experimental program includes investigating the effect of steel fiber volumetric ratio (Vf) and absence of coarse aggregates on some important mechanical properties of RPC and MRPC such as compressive strength, modulus of elasticity (E), splitting tensile strength and modulus of rupture. Additional experimental tests are also conducted to study the effect of Vf, steel reinforcement ratio (ρ) and slab thickness on the failure characteristics of the punching shear (in terms of observation of failure, shape of the failure zone, size of the failure zone, failure angles, critical section perimeters and ultimate punching shear stress ) of simply supported reinforced RPC slabs having dimensions of 1000×1000× 50 or 70 mm under concentrated load at the center of the slab.