Impact Of Transport On The Prices Of Imported Fruits And Vegetables- Survey Of The Views Of Sample Of Vendors And Truck Drivers In The Wholesale Markets/ Baghdad


AbstractTransport has an importance and effective in meeting the food needs of all segments of society, through the use of multiple kinds (land, sea, air) it provides greater freedom of movement of the human element and what they consume the goods in their daily lives. From here, the search is aimed to indicating the impact of transport on the prices of fruits and vegetables from the border crossing points to the wholesale markets in Baghdad has been used questionnaire as a tool head for the collection of data and information from the research sample, which amounted to (100) people from the Vendors and Truck Drivers In The Wholesale Markets/ Baghdad (Al-sakar, al- Doura, Al-rasheed) and analyzed their responses using percentages, mean and standard deviation, was the most prominent conclusion are:- to show that transport of an influential role in the price of fruits and vegetables in the Wholesale Markets. Key Words: Transport, Market of Fruit and Vegetable.