Effect of hyperlipidemia in the atherosclerotic patients on sex hormones


The current study was designed to explain the relationship of testosterone and estradiol levels with the serum lipid profile alteration . It has included the measurement of serum testosterone and estradiol levels in healthy subjects (40 males and 43 post – menopausal females) , atherosclerotics male (40) and post – menopausal (41) atherosclerotic females . Serum triglyceride , cholesterol , HDL- cholesterol , LDL- cholesterol and VLDL- cholesterol were also estimated in those individuals . The results revealed significant (p < 0.05) elevation of serum estradiol level in atheroselerotic males when compared with those of the control group,Estradiol also was found decreased significantly (p <0.05) when testosterone levels indicated a significant (p < 0.05) in atherosclerotic post-menopausal female when compared with control group . The results identified the details of serum lipid profile changes in conditions of different levels of sex steroids .