Adhesive strength improvement of epoxy resin with different reinforcing materials


AbstractAbstract: This research was carried out by adding several reinforcement materials to the epoxy type (Henkel/pattex) then the shear strength was measured. It was noticed from experimental results that there is a significant improvement achieved by adding the reinforcement materials. Also the change of the percentage of the reinforcement materials was studied and its effect on the shear strength was considered. The reinforcement materials include iron filing, silicon carbide as weight percentages 10%, 20% and 30%. Also steel mesh, polymers mesh and fiber glass was used. The cling was carried out on standard specimens including galvanized steel, aluminum and brass. The results obtained shows that the shear strength was significantly improved by adding the reinforcement materials .The results were affected by the type of reinforcement materials and type of metals being glued. The maximum improvement obtained with brass/brass specimen using mixture of epoxy with 10% iron filing as a weight percentage.Key words: Adhesives, Epoxy, Reinforcement materials, Shear strength.