Evaluation levels of IgG and some biochemical parameters in water buffalos vaccinated with HS vaccine in Al-Qassem Town


Abstract: The current study was conducted on sixteen water buffalos to evaluate some serum enzymes, metabolic product, bilirubin and minerals during the last period of pregnancy and the effect of pregnancy on level of IgG after immunization with HS vaccine. The buffalos were divided equally into two groups: pregnant group (P) and control group (C), each group included eight buffalo. Thirty two blood samples were taken buffalos, sixteen samples from each group; between each drew one month intervals. All buffalos of group (P) were in the last period of pregnancy. The buffalos were vaccinated with HS vaccine. Bilirubin, Alanine Aminotransferase ( ALT), gamma-glutamyl Transferase (GGT), potassium (K+), Creatinine and urea were examined by using Reflatron apparatus, as well as IgG concentrations were determined by radial immunodiffusion plate (IgG RID). The results revealed that there were no difference between levels of bilirubin in treated (0.670±0.057) and control (0.762± 0.151) group, ALT levels showed a significant differences between pregnancy group (10,42±0.481) and control group (24.92±0.507), GGT levels revealed no significant differences between pregnancy (7.23±0.59) and control (7.57±0.92), the levels of K+ revealed slightly difference between Pregnancy (5.58±0.96) and control (3.67±0.48), creatinine levels in pregnancy group also showed mild increase in levels (5.66±0.83) as compared with control group (2.63±0.64), while serum urea concentrations were within the normal rang (50 mg/dl±0.72).The result showed that there were a significant differences between the first and second intervals of study (P<0.05). The mean of IgG protein concentrations were (677.076±0.79 mg/dl). The conclusion that the concentrations of IgG in pregnant buffalo vaccinated with HS was not affected by pregnancy and remained within normal values during the last period of pregnancy, while some parameters including liver enzymes, kidney bilirubin and minerals function affected more than others during last period of pregnancy, while the IgG concentrations were still within normal levels during pregnancy periods.