The Role of Using Search Engines In Achieving The Individual Innovation A Survey Study For The Opinions Of A Sample Of Postgraduate Students In The College Of Administration And Economics - Mosul University


The study tackled the role of the use of search engines to achieve the individual innovation. The study has presents a theoretical framework of the study variables, as well as the operational framework, which includes the analysis of the views of a selected sample represented by postgraduate students in the college Administration and Economics.A set of research questions that formed the problem of the study and among them : "Is there a relationship and influence between the search engines and individual innovation?"A test of the correlation and the effect between the independent variable "search engines" that presented by independent variables and the dependent variable "individual innovation". The study concludes to several conclusions:• The relatively rise in the answers of the students about the use of search engines to find new topics regards as one of the aspects more relevant to individual innovation and this emphasizes seeking to present the innovative and distinctive.The study concludes many conclusions presenting some suggestions including: (the necessity of using the specialized search engines by the students when they need to recover the subjects which have a high degree of specialization so that they are not available in general search engines except about the limited side.