Enhancing Thermal and Water Absorption Properties of Unsaturated Polyester and Epoxy by Nanocarbon Black Powder


This paper covers the effect of nanocarbon black powder (N220) on the somephysical properties (thermal conductivity and water absorption) of unsaturated andepoxy resins filled with nanocarbon black powder (N220). The polymernanocomposites, were prepared with (1 to 10 wt%) of carbon black nanoparticlesusing ultrasonic wave bath machine dispersion method. The results had shownthermal conductivity of unsaturated and epoxy resins improved by (131.37% and78%) respectively, at 10wt. %. The water absorption reduction by (55.41% at 4 wt.%,51.76% at 6 wt.%) for unsaturated polyester and epoxy nanocomposite, respectively.