The Television Dispute for the presidency election for the year 2012 between Barak Obama and Met Romany Case Study


The television dispute for the American presidency election is considered the basic spin for reaching to the white house, always this dispute giving more weight to one side more than the other side. Specially When the successful side has an experience with dealing with the information media , and he has the ability of persuasion the people.Many of press organizations do explorations for the people opinions and ask the candidates about their achievements during the previous issues when there were not in their current positions .on the television screen more than 70 millions of American had watched the victory letter of Obama in Chicago and this number of watchers is more 10 millions watchers than the watchers of George Bush in the election of 2004.The information media is the basic recourse of giving the information to the Americans general opinions and construction the opinions and situations towards the political men. And international affairs and this is done by special policy which is called (Warner Discovery) and also this media can be used to encourage some ideas like stair using of Nuclear power . The other resource to give the information is gotten by criticize the oppositional for the political system and focused on the negative policy that are actually available on the information media like the dangerous of the nuclear power on health and the threats on the international peace, and this feature is shown the theory of (Silence Process) which denotes that the information media give the people the opinions of the majority so that the minority will know what the majority think