Numerical Analysis Of Refrigerant Flow In Different Types Of Capillary Tubes Used R1270


The capillary tube is a common expansion device used in small sized refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. The main focus lies on the analysis of the refrigerant flow behavior in the along the capillary tube with different shapes (straight-coiled-serpentine) as well as using alternative (R1270) with different geometrical parameters by using a commercial code FORTRAN power station for the simulation. Capillary geometrical parameters will include diameter, coiled diameter, and curve diameter. Results showed that when capillary tube internal diameter increase from 1.4 mm to 1.8 mm. Straight tube length increases from (1.2978m) to (4.8738m) with ratio (73.37%) , Coiled tube length increases from (0.589m) to (1.958m) with ratio (69.91%) at coiled diameter (dd=10mm) ,and The serpentine tube length increases from (0.859m) to (2.671m) with ratio (67.84%) at curve radius ( )or curve diameter (dr=10mm).. The ideal capillary tube type is coiled. Because length decrease with comparison straight and serpentine.