Description in The Stories (Village Talks) by Maroon Abud


The Lebanese Artist Maroon Abud is Chosen as domain of Thisresearch, because his stories have cohesive artistically techniques, amongwhich is description. Moreover, his stories have descriptive Parts withdifferent shapes and expressions. For this reason, this research isconcerned with the analysis of descriptive parts clarifying the artistic andesthetic dimensions, and revealing The meanings resulting.This research is divided into an introduction and four ports. Theintroduction specifies the description concept, its function, and its relationwith narration. The first part of the research deals with the study ofdescription confined by narration which includes the description narrationand the description directed by narration with its three types: simpledescription. compound description, and separated description.The second part tackles the description including description relatedwith internal emotions, and description referring to action. The third andfourth part are specified for the study of the classifying and expressiondescription.