Psychological Problems of Patients with Colorectal Cancer


Objective: Assessment the psychological problems in patients with colorectal cancer, and to find out the relationship between socio-demographic characteristics such as (age, sex, marital status, educational level, and occupation) and psychological problems for those patients.Methodology: A descriptive design is employed through the present study from 1st July 2011 to 25th December 2011 in order to study the quality of life in colorectal cancer patients with psychological problems.A purposive (non probability) sample is selected for the study which includes (60) patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer were treated in Mosul Oncology and Nuclear Medicine hospital or the patients who visited the outpatient clinic in the same hospital for medical follow–up and further treatment. Data were gathered through the patients` interviewed. Assessment questioner consist of two parts contains demographic characteristic, the other part concerning about assessment the psychological problems for patients with colorectal cancer. Reliability and validity of this tool is determined through application of a pilot study and panel of experts. Data were analyzed through the application of descriptive statistical (frequencies and percentages), inferential statistical (mean of score), and logistic regression.Results: The Overall results revealed that the quality of life in colorectal cancer patients with psychological problems was acceptable, and there is significant correlation between the psychological problems related for these patients and one demographic characteristic that was region (residency) of patients.Recommendations: The study recommended to preparation of an education program for patients with colorectal cancer and to raise awareness and education among families of patients to provide a better psychological life for their patients.