the role of knowledge management in decision making


The research aims at identifying the role and importance of knowledge management in the process of making strategic decisions and vitality that relate to the problems of strategy and multi-dimensional and of great depth and complexity, and this kind of decision requires a capacity study for the analysis of the future that deal with all eventualities and discussed. Thus, the decision makers are the reason for the failure or success of their organization is still the head of intellectual capital in place, the first as the reason for these developments are the product of human thought in the contemporary knowledge society.To achieve the objectives of the research questionnaire was developed and distributed by hand and by the rules and information networks on a sample of managers of economic . Have been adopted (65) of the questionnaire distributed and the amount of resolution (80) identify and analyze the answers to the questionnaires show that statistically the strategic decision makers of the business in Duhok realize the economic importance of the use of information and employ them in the process of building and making strategic decision.