Hydrodynamics in a Trickle Bed Reactor


Experimental investigations have been carried out to study the performance oftrickle bed reactor. The effect of key parameters that play predominate role in theperformance of trickle bed reactor was studied. A laboratory unit was constructedfor this purpose where a versatile reactor setup required " high pressure stainlesssteel reactor of 0.05m i.d × 1.25m height", in which the hydrodynamicexperiments carried out under different operating condition namely, superficial gasvelocity and liquid velocity , reactor pressure, bed temperature .Air–water systemwas used for hydrodynamic experiments pressure drop, dynamic liquid holdup, andaxial dispersion coefficients were estimated. The results also show that thedynamic liquid holdup increases with increasing liquid velocity and decreaseswith increasing superficial gas velocity and bed temperature. Axial dispersiontends to increase with increasing superficial gas and liquid velocities while itdecreases with increasing bed temperature.