Determine the Effective factors on orphans which led to the difficulty of completing the study by the use of the Discriminate Analysis


The orphans is of the important and large slides in our society of Iraq, and the orphan is the loss of one or both parents, as a result of long wars passed the Iraqi people and the terrorist operations and for many years, which has killed thousands of Iraqis and both sexes in addition to the serious illnesses that have spread in recent times and accidents, all these things have contributed to the increasing number of orphans in Iraq and dramatically. for this there must be a serious stand and fast by all official institutions and semi-official and civil society organizations to study the problems faced by this large segment and from all its aspects, and one of these important problems is the difficulty of completing the study of these orphans, which was the subject of this research, where the focus was on two sides is to identify reasons that prevent the completion of the study by these orphans especially in the early stages of study after the middle stage, and the second side is to try to identify wether the orphan will complete the study or not based on a range of information available for each orphan analysis using discriminate analysis.