Intertext uality In Ma'an bin Aws Al-Muzani’s Poetry


Intertextuality came into much debate among Arabic literary milieus in the last few years. It is a western element that entered remarkably into the Arabic literature like many other terms that enriched our Arabic critical culture.The importance of this term lies in the bridges it establishes to bring the classic and the modern altogether. Also, it acquitted many poets of, what is as described as plagiarism. By virtue of intertextuality, classic as well as modern texts now stand side byside, rach with its own peculiarities.In AL-Muzanis poerty, intertextuality is a verifiable phenomenon. It can be seen through certain intertextual mechanisums such as the drawing-on, the inter absortion, the interdialogue, the quotation and the implication. Evidently, it appeard in his poetry on such forms as utterance, implicative and compositional intertextuality.Interims of references, intertexuality can be referred to two sources: a literary source poetry , parables and a regions one (the holy Quran and the authantic prophtic speeches)