Synthesis and Biological Activity Study of Series of Various Compounds from Imine of Sugar


Abstract In this work , series of various compounds [1-11] were synthesized from anil –arabinose compound ,which contain two imine –groups can be react as starting material with other compounds (sodium azide ,chloro acetyl chloride , azo compound , thiol ,primary and secondary amine , maleic anhydride ) to give cyclic and substituted cyclic compounds like (azitidine , formazane , diazepine , thiazine , diazane and sulfide ) .A detailed discussion of the structural elucidation of newly synthesized compounds [1-11] was confirmed by (melting points , elemental analysis C.H.N , FT.IR , 1H.NMR )–spectra , and antimicrobial study on the Gram –positive and Gram –negative bacteria .