Nurses' knowledge about psychiatric patient seclusion in Jordan


Back ground: Seclusion is used with or without restrain to confined violent clients who do not respond to less restrictive interventions and protect the client himself and others from harm. Understanding nurses' knowledge about seclusion is essential for the success in reducing or limiting its usage and improving the quality of patient care and prevention of work related stress in nurses. The study aimed to assess psychiatric nurse's knowledge about using seclusion for hospitalized patients &to establish a guideline for using for seclusion. Method: Semi-structured interview was conducted; the researcher use self- reported questionnaire to collect the data from 20 mentally health nurses. The questionnaire included seven items with multiple-choice options about personal knowledge of nurses throughout the seclusion process. Period of the study was between 8th and 30 of March 2011. Percentages were used primarily in this study to indicate the highest proportion of the proper answer for each question. Results: shows that half of the studied sample explained that seclusion used to reduce environmental stimuli for agitated patients, and it was very important for nurses. Results also indicated that the concept of seclusion was not so clear to the nurses who working with psychiatric patients. Conclusion: nurses believe in seclusion to be very necessary even in minor disturbance as a means of power and control. Recommendations: that using seclusion process and restraint should be used only when there is a risk or danger to the individual or others.