Maternal knowledge & Attitude Towards Breast Feeding In Najaf


Objectives: to assess the knowledge & attitude of mothers towards breastfeeding. Methods: a random sample of 200 mothers was selected from Al-Zahraa teaching hospital & from primary health care centers in Najaf city from the period of 1st of January 2009 to 1st of January 2011. A questionnaire was used in the study, which contain information about the demographic data of the mothers & selected questions about their knowledge regarding breast-feeding .data were analyzed using SPSS 9.15 descriptive statistics.Results: it was found that 99% of mothers have the desire to breast feed their children. 83% of mothers have received the encouragement & information about breast-feeding from their families. More than half of the mothers know correctly the time of the first feed after birth, benefits of breast-feeding to the mother & the baby, benefits of colostrum, duration of breast-feeding & number of feeds per day. Only 28% of mothers know the age of complementary feeding & 47% of them know the duration of each feed. Conclusion: the study showed a considerable deficiency of the knowledge of mother about breast feeding & explore some of the practices & believes that interfere with the success of breast feeding. Recommendations :we recommend education about breast feeding be introduced in the school for learning of girls as they will eventually become future mothers, as well as education of the health professionals at all levels . Providing facilities for breast-feeding in the work place & development of community support to breast feeding mothers.