Acupuncture And Sciatica


Traditional Chinese Acupuncture has a history of over 3,000 years. The World Health Organization recommends the use of acupuncture treatment for many diseases including headaches, migraine, low back pain, sciatica and others. The prevalence of sciatica is about 3% - 5%, and equally common in men and women. In most patients, the prognosis is good, but up to 30% will have pain for one year or longer Objective:To prove that acupuncture is effective in treating sciatica.Patients and method:This study was carried out on 18 cases of chronic sciatica from both genders, aged 30-60 years. Patients were randomly divided into 2 groups, 9 cases in each group, 1st group received acupuncture treatment while 2nd group received conventional medical treatment like NSAID as diclofenac and muscle relaxant as baclofen in addition to acupuncture, in both groups patients received 10 sessions of real acupuncture for 4 weeks, Those 18 patients were treated in Emam Reza Hospital in Mashhad city in Iran and in private clinic of Dr. Mojtabavi over a period from February 2012 till May 2012. Statistical analysis was done by using SPSS in which independent t-test was used to compute significance.Result: on comparing the effect of treatment in both groups separately i.e. before and after therapy, show there is significant decrease in the intensity of pain in both groups. But on comparing the effect of treatment between groups found there is no significant difference between them. Conclusion: acupuncture is effective, in reducing the intensity of the pain, for sciatica. Recommendation: acupuncture can be used to treat, as least painful symptoms of, sciatica.