The study was conduct to determine the effect of exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA) during gestation on serum reproductive hormones levels (Estradiol" E2", Luteinizing Hormone "LH" and follicle- stimulating Hormone" FSH"), age and weight at vaginal opening onset as well as reproductive efficacy in F1 female offspring.Thirty six pregnant female rats (F0) were gavage three doses of BPA suspended in corn oil (50 μg, 50 mg, 250 mg/kg/BW) or corn oil only as control group from gestational day (GD) 6 till gestation day (GD) 21. After delivery, twelve female pups of each group were hold for three months; However, Female rats' offspring, after weaning, were weighed and checked for vaginal opening (VO) every day until completion, then at postnatal day (PND) 90, blood samples were collected from six F1 female of each group to perform hormonal tests and other six females were mated with untreated male rat in a separate cage for 14 days in order to evaluate fertility efficacy. The results showed significant increased (P<0.05) in serum E2 levels, and decrease in LH level, but FSH levels were unchanged in all treated groups compared with control group. The results also revealed significant decrease age at VO onset in all treated groups compared with control group , while body weight at age of VO onset was non-significantly differ between all groups.Fertility rate, number of birth and implantation sites were reduced and resorption sites were elevated in F1 female rats that gestationally exposed to deferent levels of BPA in comparison with control group. From the present study it has been revealed that the BPA exposures during pregnancy adversely affect F1 female reproduction and caused early puberty onset.


Estradiol, BPA, Female