Effect of Stress Level on Behavior of Bored Piles Embedded in Medium Sandy Soil


In this paper investigation in the end bearing and shaft resistance of bored piles embedded in medium sand and subjected to axial load for wide rang of stress levels starting from laboratory dimensions and go toward field dimensions were made by utilizing the finite element method. The soil is modeled using hyperbolic soil model with empirical equation account for reduction of angle of internal friction Ø with increase in stress level while the bored pile assumed as a linear elastic material. It was found that the stress level has a significant effect on pile’s behavior and the small scale model in laboratory dimension not represent the real behavior of pile in field dimensions and if the results from such dimensions are adopted, it will lead to overestimate of bearing capacity factor Nq. Also, the effect of embedment ratio (L/D) on pile’s behavior is examined in this study and the results showed that the embedment ratio (L/D) increases the bearing capacity factor Nq up to a certain length beyond it the effect of embedment ratio (L/D) diminished.