Edward Said And The Problem Of Retardation In The Arabian World


This research deals with a study written by Edward Said in the beginning of seventies of last century . The importance of that study lies in that it contained what would be said by Said in his later writings , especially his most famous book "Orientalism" . In addition , it discovered some sides of his thought in that early period of his life . The research concentrates on main question raised by Edward Said concerning general weakness in Arabic society and it stares his position of some Arab intellectuals and their treating ways with west . In addition , it focuses on double criticism of Said toward both cultures : western culture in its dominant and centrifugal dimension to all other cultures , and Arabic culture in its distinct features i.e. weakness and shallowness . The research studies the reasons of weakness and retardation``` in Arabian society compared with western world . Edward Said , like Arab thinkers , presents a resolution to the matter , but it is wholly different from other resolutions , that it is not similar the common resolutions for the problem of retardation in Arabic culture . Finally , this research is a condensed analysis of Said's early interest in Arabian world issues , especially the issue of retardation .