Synthesis and studying the electrical conductivity and optical storage properties of some azo polymers


Seven azo polymers of different azo content and different intra-spacing linkage (aromatic or aliphatic esters and aromatic amide) are prepared by using interfacial polymerization process . The synthesized polymers were characterized by IR, H1NMR and C13NMR. The electrical conductivity and its activation energy were measured by using three probe cell. The optical absorbance measurement were carried out on the thin film of the prepared polymers through irradiation by 20 mW/ cm2 green laser beam for appropriate time until saturation. It was shown that there are many factors affecting on the electrical conductivity and the energy storege and release like chain flexibility and the type of spacing groups between the azo moieties. The content of azo groups within the repeating unit showed an effect on the electrical conductivity but has no effect on the optical properties.