SMS- Classroom Feedback Systems


Nowadays, the use of mobile phone by University teachers and students are rapid upward. The mobile technology has an effective role in the society and very fast growing in both academic and industrial sectors. For instance; in the academic sector (universities) the mobile technology modify the traditional (paper-and-pencil feedback of lecturer evaluation by students) toward short message services (SMS) feedback system. The processing environment of the proposed system is return to hardware and software requirements: the minimum hardware requirement is any mobile-phone with SMS facility, Nokia mobile-phone model 6300 Express was used on this research. Furthermore the software that used for designing the proposed feedback system was Visual Basic and Microsoft Access. Thus; the computer department is concerned by the insufficiency of physical feedback or traditional feedback (TF) and their inappropriate results, speed, space, cost and unreliability.The only innovative solution for insufficiency and inappropriate difficulties of traditional approach is implementing a SMS-CFS (SMS- Classroom Feedback Systems). This paper describes the development of a SMS-based communication between the students and the Quality Assurance (QA) manager of the Faculty of Science Computer Department regarding of the lecturers ability evaluation of teaching quality via the application of SMS- Classroom feedback system at Sulamani University, the human reactivity of the developed application was compared with that of TF.