Effect of the Crude Leaf Extracts of Dodonaea Viscosa on Some of Algae


The present study has been conducted to evaluate the antialgal activities of the leaves crude extracts of Dodonaea viscosa plant. The antialgal activities of ethanol (80%) and diethyl ether crude leaf extracts of D. viscosa were tested against Microcystis flos- aquae, Scenedsmus dimorphus and Mougeotia scalaris. The agar well diffusion method was used to evaluate the inhibitory actions of these extracts with three concentrations: 5,10, and 20 mg/ml. The results showed that the ethanol extracts were more effective on algae than diethyl ether extracts. The alga: Mougeotia scalaris and Microcystis flos- aquae have more sensitive than Scenedsmus dimorphus to attack by the ethanolic extracts, while Mougeotia scalaris have more resistsnce to attack by the diethyl ether extracts followed by Microcystis flos- aquae, while Scenedsmus dimorphus have more sensitive to attack by diethyl ether extracts.