A Simple Hybrid Scheme for Denoisin the Medical Ultrasound Images


The medical ultrasound images are usually corrupted by type of noise called ‘speckle’. This noise is caused by the coherent nature of the scattering phenomenon. There are many filters used to reduce the effect of speckle noise like mean, median, Lee, Kaun, Gamma, Weiner, Frost. Recently, One of the most commonly speckle denoising filter is wavelet filter.In this paper, A simple hybrid scheme is suggest to denosing the ultrasound images. this scheme consist from two interacted filter (winner and mean filter) with window size 3*3 and designed simple adaptive filter(SAF). The adaptation of SAF depends on nonlinear gain function. In order to test the efficiency of the suggested scheme, its performance was compared with performance of other filters like mean, wiener, and wavelet filter