In vivo cytogenetic and genotoxic effects of curcumin on mouse bone marrow


Objectives: Studying the cytogenetic effects of Mytomycin-C by using 2mg/kg by study of (mitotic index, chromosomal aberrations and micronucleus assays) on mouse bone marrow cells (in vivo) and Studying the cytogenetic effects of crude extract of Curcuma longa on mouse bone marrow cells and Studying the ability of crude extract of C. longa in reducing the genotoxic effects induced by Mytomycin-C by combination treatment on mouse bone marrow cells.Material and methodology: Administrative Arrangement: analytical study to period )1 / 5 / 2011 to 1 / 1 / 2012(conducted in Al-Nahrain research Centre for biotechnology, Baghdad, Iraq . Methodology: distributed of mice on equal group each group contain five animals, negative control and injected Phosphate Buffer Solution only and positive control injecte Mitomycin - C 2mg/kg and four groups injected by ethanolic crude extract by uses concentration (400, 200, 100 and 50 mg/kg) depend on LD50 of curcumin extract and study interaction between crude extract and MMC after and befor treatment and determination of active the extract in preventiveor inhibition of side effect Mitomycin - C in vivo. Results: The results indicated that MMC has clear effects in reducing mitotic activity, increased spontaneous chromosomal aberration and increased micronucleus in mouse bone marrow cells (in vivo), these effects suggested that the drug has a genotoxic effect, the cytogenetic effects represented by mitotic index, chromosomal aberration and micronucleus (Mitotic Index, Chromosome abberations, Micro Nucleous) on mouse bone marrow cells (in vivo) of positive control Mitomycin-C use 2mg/kg for one day and gave 1.81% for MI and 4.12% for CAs and 8.13% for MN, and the cytogenetic effects of ethanolic crude extract of Curcuma long extract by administration the animals crude ethanolic extract at different concentration (50, 100, 200 and 400 mg/kg) for 7 days i.p., 50mg/kg was choice to as best dose which there ratio considered increase Mitotic Index (5.40%) and reduce Micro Nucleous (1.801%) and Chromosome abberations (0.774%) relatively was like negative control, the Interaction effect between extract administration pre and post treatment with drug (MMC) was estimated in cytogenetic parameters on mouse bone marrow cells, which gave a protective efficient against the genotoxic effect of Mitomycin - C in mouse bone marrow cells which gave 90% for M.I and 97.55% for CAs and 97.64% for MN, this effect was more efficient in post-treatment than in pre-treatment, ethanolic crude extract of C. longa extract had genotoxic effects at high doses exess of 50 mg/kg and showed Ethanolic crude extract C. longa was considered as fundamental biomutagene in the first degree and desmutagene in second degree as a result of its ability to increase mitotic activity, decrease micronucleus frequency and repair chromosomal aberration in mouse bone marrow cells.