The Historical Origins of the Jewish presence in the Arabian Gulf in the modern era


This paper tackles the history of the Jewishminority in the Arab Gulf. The writers introduced prefacewhich included the history of the Jews in the Arabpeninsula in the pre-Islamic period and their post-Islamicimmigrations until the end of twelfth century. Historydidn’t mention any existence of the Jews in the region ofArab Gulf because of their immigration to India andPersia for peaceful, social, and economic reasons. Historykept silent until the beginning of the sixteenth centurywhere mentioning the Jewish existence in the Arab Gulfhas been revived with the foundation of the PortugueseEmpire in the East after discovering the Cape of GoodHope in 1498, which led to a re-interest in the area by theEuropean countries and great groups of the Europeantravelers, merchants, and those who work in Portuguesecampaigns that had a number of Jews. The paper dealswith the Jewish minority in the Arab Gulf in the modernage, and displays its economic activities, its political role,and its social life and relationship with the citizens, thegoverning local authorities and the occupying foreignauthorities.