Pollution of the waters of the Euphrates River in the province of Najaf


Water pollution is one of the important global problems that occupy the attention of governments and peoples , researchers at the present time , and because of its serious danger to vital components of the environment (human , plant , animal ).Pollution generally known as a change in the concentration of the chemical or physical properties or Albaalogih of the main components of environmental soil , water and air for the allowable limit as a result of various human activitiesAs for water pollution has defined a large number of scientists on it (add materials by man into the aquatic environment sufficient to cause harm to human health or living materials or environmental regulations , including the aspects of comfort and convenience .This definition is broad and comprehensive and confirms that the fundamental rights era in environmental pollution , since the learn human Agriculture and even entering the industrial era began to adversely affect the dynamic surroundings , and intensified the crisis with a massive increase in the numbers of the population .I proceeded most industrially developed states to develop regulations and laws in order to maintain their water resources from pollution , for example, established the United States Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) in 1970. In Iraq, after an increase in industrial projects the government has given special attention in this area. In 1971 , the formation of the Iraqi National Committee for the Man and the Biosphere . In 1972, Iraq delegation participated in the Stockholm International Conference on environmental pollution in 1974, Government has approved the formation of a higher council for the environment and in 1986 a law was passed to protect and improve the environment No. 76 .This research deals with the study and analysis of the sources of pollution of the waters of the Euphrates River in the province of Najaf in Iraq in order to know the sources of polluting the water surface and which is an important source for human use and agricultural bio in the search area . And then evaluate these waters to find out their suitability for various uses of life.