The Environmental Effects Resulted From AL – Isshaqi Irrigation Project and Cliental Water Balance


The study topic has been selected ,(The assessment of al-eshaqi project for efficiency irrigation and its environmental impact and hydrological study ) g to quantity and quality ,the changes of main and secondary branches due to the mud falls ,the quantity assessment of waters as the validity view points and the study of chemical criteria of the water project .And to figure out the rational wrong choice for the samples subjected to the test and the various use of the project water .Figuring out the technical and design defects and its influence on the project efficiency then the laboratory test to the mud falls both quantity and quality which gathered at the bottom of the project channel .The study has also consist of the climate and environmental influence caused by the project in order to point out the future planes and characterizing the positive and negative points to contribute besides other studies concerning the same field . The area of study located between the latitude (34 ْ 04 َ 50 ً) & (33 ْ 29 َ 38 ً) north and longitude (44 ْ 27 َ 13 ً) & (43 ْ 58 َ 28 ً) the study area about (1554.8)km2 ,the current study which represented by the assessment of Al-eshaqi project efficiency, and its environmental impact and hydrological study .The impact of geographical criteria