The environmental effects of noise pollution in the city of Baquba in 2003Using geographic information systems


The noise pollution one of the problems of environmental pollution serious , but can be considered a problem of the age and inherent to our lives, and specifically after the U.S. occupation of Iraq in 2003, rising wave of violence on the population and the growing sound of explosions frequent and which are almost almost daily in different parts of Iraq , I've had to open the borders to commercial markets and access to the various types of cars and increasing their numbers dramatically , in line with the development of the Iraqi street , which has become a narrow ports because of barriers Alkonkurtih and checkpoints deployed heavily at a crossroads , adding the latter to inflation congestion irrigated , which works on the high proportion of noise from the media for transport , as well as the high proportion of air pollution caused by it , the problem of the research included the following question : - Is it possible to use geographic information systems ( GIS ) technology GIS in determining points or sites to Rsaddaltlut the noise in the city? Is Tjaosaldaudhae in city environmental limits ? Search assume the existence of a serious environmental problem plaguing the city of Baquba, environment , namely the problem of noise pollution , and exceed environmental limits , as well as the presence of a number of environmental health effects suffered by the citizens due to these high ratios. Since been identified points or locations ( spatial ) to monitor noise pollution. Were identified sources of noise pollution in the city of Baquba . Then stand on the environmental impacts, and the most important diseases caused by the problem of noise pollution in the city and find out its causes was the most important acts of violence and breach of security faced by other cities in Iraq after the U.S. occupation and the recent war in 2003and continues to the present day , and the spread of a wave of bombings continued , specifically on the most important ways Home in the country, and the large number of cars in the center of closed roads and crowded , leading to higher traffic jams , high noise of traffic , so the researchers should be interest in the study of this type of pollution on the grounds that it is serious environmental problems , which result in raised disease and serious health was to be the study of the sources of this pollution and stand on the causes and solutions to this problem have been identified study the dimensions of the spatial and temporal boundaries of spatial : the municipal boundaries of the city of Baquba, for the year 2006. border temporal : The statements noise pollution in 2012. this ensures Find the number of maps Use the GIS and mapping to noise Tlut in thoughtful points of the city and provide effective ways to address them.