Awareness of Healthier Lifestyle Change among Patients with Coronary Artery Diseases


Objective: presented study aimed to assess the awareness of healthier lifestyle change among patient with coronary artery disease. Methodology: descriptive design study was conducted at Coronary Care Unit in Marjan hospital in Hillia city, data was gathered by using a questionnaire form the period (June15. 2012 to August 20.2012) . Results: the results shows that the higher percentage of the sample (53.7%) were male most of them were smoker 61.1%, and 38% of the sample were hypertensive; most of them didn't applied any change in their lifestyle pattern.Conclusion: Most of the convenient sample of the study was male, illiterate, housewives and city resident. Most of the sample were overweight, with hypertension, smoker, and related to alcohol consuming they were not alcoholicRecommendation: the researchers recommended that there is a serious need to health education, which properly structured to promote patient education in order to enhance their lifestyle pattern, by improving knowledge and bring about a change in attitudes.