Chinese competition - the U.S. in Asia


ABSTRACT The Asian Located in the heart of the debate continent about the future of the international system, with inside strong Distribution style. Many consensus have gone that "Asian century" will be the first excellence century, With the rise of a strong Asian Irrigation such as China, India and Japan . China is located in the heart of this global concern, Several studies in international relations science suggested , the process that China will be the first player. The economic assumed the lead as the largest industrial center In the world, and the second-largest economic terms of production, but there is an opinion confirms China is not eligible to play such a role not just because facing Internal problems, such as corruption, unemployment, and economic disparity between inland areas And coastal areas, and separatism in some areas, but also because it Facing the challenges of regional and international organizations, such as the tension that marred relations with USA , problems with Taiwan, and Japanese competition of the Chinese position, and anxiety Growing relationship Between the United States and India . Therefore, differences and conflicts of interest between these emerging Asian powers have cast doubt on the .