Pathological Effects of Anabolic Steroid (Sustanon®) on the prostate gland of adult Male Rats


This study is designed to investigate the pathological effects of sustanon which is a type of anabolic androgens in different concentration on prostate gland of male rats. The experiment include 100 male rats randomly divided into five groups 20 rats each group. The first group is considered as a negative control treated with diet and water only. The second group is considered a positive control treated weekly for 60 days with sesame oil intramuscularly. While groups III, IV and V treated with diluted sustanon in 5, 10 and 20 mg/kg body weight intramuscularly weekly for 60 days respectively. Fifth biopsies were taken each group at 15,30 and 60 days after treatment . Also 5 rats from each group has given water and diet after stopping of treatment ,then 30 days later biopsy was taken for macroscopical and pathological examination. Pathologically all treated groups showed gross and histopathological changes. The prostate grossly revealed enlargement of gland associated with histopathological changes represented by hyperplasia of glandular epithelium in all treated groups. After stopping treatment for thirty days there was grossly atrophy of gland, histopathologicaly there was odema and depletion of colloidal substance, congestion of blood vessels and atrophy in some acini was also, recorded .In conclusion from the present study that sustanon at the doses 5, 10 and 20 mg/kg of body weight in a period 15, 30 and 60 days had side effects on prostate and these effects were progressive notice after30 days of stopping the drug administration.