Effects of Ration Zinc Supplementation on Some Productive Characters on Heat Stressed Broiler


The objective of the study was to investigate the effect of using different dietary levels of zink on the performance of broiler reared during summer months, under heat stress by using 120 Ross broiler chicks one day of age were used. The birds were randomly distributed to five treatment with three replicates per treatment (8 chicks /replicated). Zinc was supplemented into ration from the second week until the end of experiment (42 days) at levels 0(T1), 30(T2), 45(T3), 60(T4) and 75(T5) mg/1kg of ration. The result of statistical analysis showed that birds in T2 and T3 had significantly (P˂0.01) high body weight gained, food conversion ratio when compared with all treatments. In conclusion of this study indicated that ration zinc supplementation increased the resistance of broiler into heat stress.