Spatial Differentiation of Having Cancer in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf (2005-2011


That the environmental pollution, affecting the Iraqi environment and the study area, in particular, has an obvious effect on the increase in number of people affected by cancer diseases, as being one of the factors causing and motivating it.2- Those having breast, womb and bladder cancer in the study area have rapidly increased in number during the study period. The rate reached about %(15.67, 17.7, 31,67), while the rates of infections with lymphatic node, lungs and blood cancer was less than the mentioned rates reaching % (10.34, 10.46, 14.56). These numbers are higher than the any other area in Iraq. This is an obvious evidence on the size of environmental and health destruction that took place in the area.3- The study found a correlation between the spread of the disease in the area and the economic status of the patients. Al-Najaf came first with % (54), and Al-Kufa %(28), then comes Al-Manadherah with %(18).