Study the enhancement of the radiation shielding afforded to epoxy /lead composites.


At present the research aims to individuate right formulations suitable to realize the “cure” process through ionizing radiations to get shielding with applicative properties similar if not better than that obtained with traditional thermal processes. It is worth noting that material properties, on the same formulation, are strongly dependent also on the choice of the process parameters. Additionally a shield absorbs for radiation is a function for the material it is made of, its thickness, type the material and energy of the radiation it is exposed to. Where , as the energy of the radiation increases, the thickness of the shielding must increase or a material with a higher attenuation coefficient must be used.And the results show that the linear absorption coefficient of lead powder increase with increase thicknessof lead powder . That linear absorption coefficient as a function of different thickness from (0.0 to 2.5cm.) of lead powder and lead shots where complete its test.No significant changes in linear absorption coefficient behavior of lead powder, lead shots and thickness.Although values of linear absorption coefficient of lead shots will slightly increase as in that for value of lead powder.