Design And Implementation Of Iraqi Electronic Identification Card Based On Modern Techniques Of Software Engineering


The rapid development in the information technology and computer systems had been an effect and a prominent role in the identifiable electronic systems in many countries of the world, that considered the application of modern information technology systems as an essential tool that contribute to community service. Our country is one of the Arab countries, that exercised the experience of hiring electronic applications since 2003 and so far, it is the most important of these newly adopted electronic applications is the system of the electronic format that belongs to central acceptance of high school students. It is important to mention that the identification text card of the civil status or citizenship certificate card is only the official identification card that recognized the identity for the Iraqi citizens. This induction text card has several disadvantages, the most important is presented to corruption or fraud by manipulating their data by some weak people, This scripts card not possess accurate and important details about the person, due to the lack of extra information fields that contain, so we must think about new identification card for the Iraqi citizen that has modern electronic code, We offer through this work these new modern scientific ideas, easy to implement and employs computer engineering techniques that are used in the preparation and establishment of an electronic induction card for every Iraqi citizen, whether inside or outside the country, by converting of textual information carried by the citizen in paper form that represent his private information to an encrypted digital information electronically stored in electronic storage chip placed in a special card to form an e-card induction card for every citizen.