Determination of the Maximum Quantum energy of X-ray radiation independent on the molybdenum anode using LiF & NaCl crystals


The aim of this research is to determine X-ray emission spectrum of molybdenum anode by using LiF and NaCl Crystals to calculate the Kinetic Energy for accelerated electrons in (35KV), The maximum Energy of electron after collision and reflected from crystals and The velocity of electron which travels from the (K-shell) to the (L-M shell). The results showed that the max. Kinetic energy of electrons emitted from the anode Molybdenum estimated (50.8KeV) and the speed of electrons (1.1Mm/sec). Maximum Quantum energy of x-ray radiation energy which emitted from anode and reflected by NaCl crystal (50.8KeV) and the shortest wavelength (0.02nm) either in LiF crystal estimated energy is (44.3KeV) and the shortest wavelength (0.014nm).