Preparation and Study of SnO2 MOM Structure by The Thermal Vacuum Evaporation Deposition


Resistive switching random access memory is one of the novel nonvolatile memorytechnologies that, has a promising future for replacing the conventional FLASH memory. Inthis work a detailed study made about the types of operations and understanding themechanisms of the resistance changing in the device. SnO2 thin films are deposited by usingThermal Vacuum Evaporation deposition method at room temperature on Al/glass substrateto produce Al/SnO2/Al/glass device structure. Optical properties are taken to measure theoptical band gap of SnO2. Resistive switching is observed by taking current voltage readingsat room temperature. RRAM cell showed unipolar resistive switching behavior with nooverlapping between reset and set voltage (1.5V, 2.5V respectively) ,also between high andlow resistance states (7.7KΩ,106Ω). Good retention and endurance are obtained and the ratiobetween HRS to LRS has been found to be at least (41) within 21 cycles