Natural Convection Heat Transfer from Two Perpendicular Heated Surfaces Embedded In Porous Cavity


The effect of modified Rayleigh number, positions and lengths of twoperpendicular heated surfaces on natural convection heat transfer was studiednumerically, where the two surfaces are embedded in square cavity filled with saturatedporous medium. All walls of the cavity are kept at constant temperature. Indirectnumerical method was used to solve the governing equations, which are: the nondimensionalDarcy flow equation as well as the non-dimensional energy equation, whichwere solved numerically by finite difference method using Gauss-Seidel iterationcoupled with (Successive Under Relaxation) technique. This study covered a wide rangeof modified Rayleigh number range (100-1000), nine positions and the ratios of length ofvertical surface to the horizontal (0.5,1, 2). It was found that the positions of two heatedsurfaces have small effect on the heat transfer rate, but any increase in the length of twosurfaces leads to an increase in average Nusselt number, but an increase in the length ofvertical surface leads to more increase in the average Nusselt number