Finite Element Analysis of Draw Beads in Deep Drawing Processes


The design optimization of deep drawing process in manufacturing is proposedto control the final shape of the work piece after elastic spring back. The manufacturingprocess design problem is formulated to minimize the difference between the shape of thedesired work piece geometry and the final analysis. This paper aims to predict thewrinkling and thinning (necking) failure and to study the effect of using draw bead onthe thickness distribution along the cup. In this paper to analysis the deep drawingprocess with draw beads the FEM code (ANSYS) version 12.1 packages is used, which isable to simulate various metal forming processes such as deep drawing. The best resultsand the low variation between the maximum thickness and minimum thickness is foundat the half circle shapes of Draw Bead and itَ s about 10.4% thinning and 26.5%thickening