First record of Branchiura sowerbyi (Oligochaeta: Tubificidae) in the sediments of the Shatt al-Hillah, Iraq.


Abstract: record in the present work Branchiura sowerbyi one type of annelida class oligochaeta family of Tubificidae for the first time in the sediments of the Shatt al-Hilla which is one of important branches of the Euphrates River has been found that highest total population density for this kind was in the second site, which lies on the line length 44 ° 25'02 .27 "east longitude 32 ° 31'51 .34" N and reached 2054.48 per individual/ m 2, and the results showed significant differences in the values of total density between stations and months P <0.05 and recorded correlation relationship direct between values of population density and salinity P< 0.05 and inverse correlation relationship with dissolved oxygen values P <0.05.