Efficiency of Some Chelated Fertilizers Sources of Zinc in the Growth and Production of Cucumber Under Protected Farming Conditions


A field experiment was conducted to study the efficiency of chelated zinc fertilizers produced from the reaction of Humic and Humic +Fulvic extracted from corn cubs and wheat straw with zinc sulphate added as zinc Humate (Zn-HAz) and Humate and fulvat zinc (Zn–HA +FAz) extracted from corn cubs, Zinc Humat (Zn –HAw ) ,zinc humat and fulvat (Zn–HA+FAw) extracted from wheat straw. zinc was also added as Zn–DTPA and ZnSO4.7H2O. All sources were sprayed on the green part (A1) at a level of 2 Kg Zn.ha-1 and 10 kgZn.ha-1 when added to soil (A2) and half these amount added to green part and to soil (A3). Results showed that sources of zinc has significantly increasing cucumber yield. Zn-HA+FAz was out starting in the total yield, number of fruits and Phosphorus and Zinc content. in leaves with the an increase of 54.44%, 68.51%, 42.89% and 312.30% respectively compared to control. mineral zinc source (ZnSO4.7H2O) has achieved an increase of 32.22%, 35.07%, 13.921% and 151.97% of the parameters respectively compared to control . Zn-HA+FA extracted from wheat straw has achieved highest content of N and K in leaves with an increase of 80.78%, and 79.16% in comparison with the control treatment