Wind Speeds Estimation on the Ground Level for Windmills Site Selection


In the last few years, the world toward attention to the renewable and clean energy sources in order to reduce the environmental pollutions and reduce the coast. Therefore, the windmills technology was essential in these applications. In this paper, the climatic data and geographic information system (GIS) facilities were used to study and produce the wind speed map on the ground level for Iraq country. Many Field data, (climatic monitoring) from the periods, (1953-1970) and (1971- 2010) were collected and prepared. The data source was the Iraqi metrological department, this establishment operates and control wide climatic stations distributed around country. Many image processing and remote sensing techniques were used to present the results. The full Iraq photomap of Landsat TM (bands 1, 3, 5) with 28.5m in spatial resolution was used to overlay the results. The output of research was a photomap that locates the best sites for windmills .The locations have been selected through certain criteria. The results indicate that the Nasrya, Basrah, Nukhaib, Alhai and Hadeetha are promising places for establishing wind turbine due to the best wind velocities values.